Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015

At Isabelle's 4 month appointment, her head measured 15.5 in (10th percentile) and she weighed 11 lbs 8 oz (4th percentile). They measured her height at 23.8 in (15th percentile) but said later on that they think they measured wrong, so we're not sure. Isabelle also started laughing for the first time this month! It's the sweetest little sound ever. She's a little bit of a tough audience, though. It's so funny because she's such a happy baby (you seriously just make eye contact with her and she'll give you the hugest smile)  but it's hard to get her to laugh. So far, Chandler has the most luck. It usually involves watching him bounce on the bed or jump and down on the ground. One day we started throwing potholders up in the air and she was cracking up (until she suddenly decided it freaked her out and she started bawling...).

We celebrated Dad's birthday while everyone was in town for Easter:

And it got warm enough to start going to the beach!

Chandler has 6 of the cars from the movie "Cars" and they are probably his most favorite toys. On this particular day, he lined them all up facing the TV so they could watch his movie with him.

I just can't even handle how cute this picture is.

This next adorable picture reminds me of another Chandlerism. I've mentioned the food battle we've had with him. We have hard core implemented the rule of "you aren't allowed to have dessert unless you eat your dinner." Even though this kid is dessert-crazy, he often (or most of the time...) decides that a treat just isn't worth eating whatever apparently repulsive thing I'm trying to force upon him for dinner. But when dessert comes, it's really sad. He know he can't have any, so he tries to live vicariously through everybody else. He'll beg to deliver everybody's milkshake (or whatever the dessert is) to them. And then he'll stand in front of them (Josh for example) and say "take a sip! take a sip, Daddy!" and stare at them while they enjoy it. It makes us laugh/want to cry every time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

For Easter, The Bells came down from Charleston and the Brown's came down from Raleigh so we could all celebrate together! Easter fell on Conference weekend, so we all watched conference on Saturday and did our Easter egg hunt after. Mom had randomly gotten some Easter Eggs a few months ago and would hide them around the house for Chandler to find, so he was all about it when we did the real hunt. He was really excited to discover that they had candy in them this time.


Chandler was very sweet and would help Isabelle put eggs in her basket!


We went on a beach walk between Saturday conference sessions:


On Sunday morning the Easter bunny came! We got a video of Chandler and then Isabelle seeing their Easter goodies, but we didn't get a pictures with them . Sad. But here is Isabelle Easter morning:

Nonnie made a special Easter breakfast:

Maylee was a bunny!

And also not pictured was a delicious Easter dinner!